Report maps the LBT sector

WRC logoThe Women’s Resource Centre has published a comprehensive new report on the support and services available to bisexual, lesbian and trans women in the UK.

In All Our Colours: Lesbian, bisexual and trans women’s services in the UK highlights the key issues affecting different groups of lesbian, bisexual and trans women as well as providing a detailed picture of the sector supporting these women, what services are available and what challenges these services face in a time of recession.

It brings together existing research on lesbian, bisexual and trans (LBT) women in the UK and the LGB&T sector to provide a comprehensive literature review.

Amongst the key findings are that:
· There are very few services for LBT women across the UK and LBT women’s organisations are consistently underfunded
· Organisations led by and for LBT women are particularly marginalised in terms of political influence
· There is a lack of awareness of the issues facing LBT women, their support needs and the LBT population as a whole
· There is little infrastructure and second tier support for LBT organisations and all too often they become ‘add-ons’ to existing mainstream support
· Most LBT organisations rely on volunteers to deliver their core services and many only operate as informal, local and volunteer-run support and social groups

These findings may strike a chord for those who use or volunteer with bisexual groups and projects.

The online briefings can also be used as a directory for referrals to appropriate services and so can be a useful tool for women’s organisations and other agencies who are supporting lesbian, bisexual and trans women. The format of the report and the online version, which is made up of different briefings to download, also makes it versatile and relevant to a wide audience.

“This report is an excellent lobbying tool for organisations and women’s projects, bringing together valuable and timely research and information demonstrating the great need for such services,” says Vivienne Hayes, chief executive of the Women’s Resource Centre.

Copies of the report are available to download from the WRC website.