Big Bi Fun Day rides again!

Following the success of last summer’s Big Bi Fun Day in Leicester, there will be a second Big Bi Fun Day in four months’ time. It will be held on 21st May, at the Friends Meeting House, 16 Queens Road, Leicester: pop it in your diary now!

The BBFD site notes: Big Bi Fun Day is a one day (well, technically, one afternoon) UK event where we’ve organised a space for bisexuals and allies to meet up, relax and socialise with other bisexuals and allies. It will be held in a family friendly venue and we hope that bisexuals from all over the UK (and anywhere else) will take this opportunity to come along and meet people from different regions, catch up with friends and have a fun day out.

It is not a small BiCon. There will be no scheduled workshops and it is not an overnight event. It is not a BiFest. This event is not intended to be an introduction to bisexuality. However, new people are welcome to come along.

You can find out more on the special wiki page here.