Vanessa and the greedy bis

Vanessa talks bi

Channel 5 daytime chat show Vanessa tomorrow focuses on bisexuality.

The programme, entitled “Are Bisexuals Greedy?” will air tomorrow afternoon at 2:15pm. We can hear regular readers sigh at the question already!

Marcus from Bisexual Index will be on the panel. Our money is on his answer to the question being “no.”

He and fellow panellists soap star Julie Peasgood and writer Paul Burston join Vanessa Feltz for what surely in 2011 does not deserve to be a heated debate – but might turn out to be, just the same.


  • Ashley

    Why would bisexuals be greedy? The question makes little sense to me…

  • sooz

    loved this. well done marcus! great analogies too, must remember the one about being able to fish in two ponds but only having the same amount of hooks – lol.