That was 2011

Tis the season to write reviews of the year, so jumping on a bandwagon for once…

Our bi year highlights:

* The biggest UK BiCon ever with 297 people over four days in Leicester

* Bi Visibility Day on 23rd September having a bigger profile than ever – Bi Day website september23 reported double the traffic they had in 2010 (and two bi events marking LGBT History Month – not a lot, but twice the previous best!)

* Good bi coverage from Auntie for once as Tom Robinson talked bi past and bi present on Radio 4

* That New York Times headline breaking the shock news that Bisexual Men Exist.

* Bi community activists being invited to Obama’s White House LGBT reception (sadly the same didn’t seem to happen over here for Number 10’s LGBT shin-dig)

* Jessie J as an out bi woman sweeping the boards at the Mobo awards

* Bristol BiVisible launching Greedy, the first regular bi club night in the UK since the Fencesitter’s Ball closed down

* Manchester BiPhoria launching Getting Bi In A Gay/Straight World, a very pretty and pocketable publication

* Four people presented with Cake Awards recognising their work in and for the bi community

* A massive bi showing in the Homo Hero awards with bi nominees making the three-name shortlist in every possible category

* Also in gong news – Stonewall’s awards shortlisting bis Jessie J and Lady Gaga

* And many more bis in the media talking openly about being bi

* Civil partnerships on religious premises going through, and date set for the move toward same-sex marriage. It’s a slow path to our relationships not being treated differently depending on our partner’s gender, but we’re getting there!