1st September, 1981: London Bi Group forms

Our first bisexual history date for LGBT History Month is 30-and-a-half years ago.

That was the first meeting of the London Bisexual Group. The group closed down a few years ago but can be seen as the birth of the UK bi ‘movement’ – it ran for more than 21 years and went on to start the event that would become BiCon. Last summer’s BiCon started on the 1st September and so featured an exhi-BI-tion of memorabilia from the last 30 years of the UK Bi Community, including magazines articles, cartoons, posters, t-shirts, badges and more.

Probably without London Bi Group, or LBG is it tended to get called, many of those things would have ended up happening in another way: but that they happened when and how they did is largely down to that first gathering in 1981.

Today LBG has closed but there are other bi groups in London in its place – try Bisexual Underground, Bi Coffee Meet or London Bi Meetup.


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