Journal publishes bi research guidelines

The international academic bi quarterly Journal of Bisexuality has just published its Autumn 2012 edition, including the guidelines for research into bisexuality.

The article is here.

The guidelines help researchers focus both on doing research better so that it more accurately reflects the experience of research subjects, and in keeping their research accountable to the wider community.

This should help bring them to even wider attention amongst academics and researchers. It won’t stop bad research happening, but it may help improve the overall quality of work on and around bisexuality.

The guidelines were first published in Bi Community News in February having developed from an original set on Jen Yockney’s blog.


(reference: Yockney, J., Barker, M., Richards, C., Jones, R., Bowes-Catton, H., & Plowman, T., (2012). Guidelines for researching and writing about bisexuality. Journal of Bisexuality 12, (3), 376-392.)