Talk to your council

Bi groups across the UK should be talking to their local councils and other authorities about bisexual inclusion following a change in the law that should sweep away past biphobic practices.

Just over a month ago, 1st April, saw the “duty to involve” introduced following the Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act 2007. It means that “best value” authorities (health authorities, local councils and the fire service) now have a “duty to involve” by considering providing information, consulting or involving in other ways representatives of local people – those likely to be affected by or interested their work, whether they live, work or socialise in an area. It applies both when devising policies and in conducting their business.

“Representatives” should include a cross section of an authorities’ customers, which of course includes bisexual people, giving us as a community a greater chance of being heard rather than disregarded as “gay really” as has sometimes been the case in the past.

It matters for bi organisations, as the voluntary and community sector will have a role to play in representing sections of society that are marginalised. Where local bi groups do not exist or feel that they are not involved in the process, individuals can draw the relevant authorities attention to this and argue the relevance of their involvement.

Get your local bi group in touch with your local authority and help get our voices heard!