Apple backs down on “bisexual” ban

After just 24 hours, Apple have changed their mind as to whether ‘bisexual’ is a bad word.

Apple had barred it as a description term for Apps made available through the iTunes store for iPads and other such Apple devices. A new LGBT history app for iPhones and Android phones, Quist, had then hit a snag when trying to be listed under lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans – only because of the ‘b’ word.

Quist’s owner, Sarah Prager, 27, created a petition asking Apple to remove “bisexual” from the warning list. The petition quickly received over 1,100 signatures from around the world thanks to widespread press coverage and a social media campaign. The petition can be viewed here.

With this backing behind her, Prager emailed Apple executives requesting that they respect the bisexual identity by whitelisting the word. Her open letter can be viewed here. An Apple representative called Prager to thank her for bringing the issue to their attention and to inform her that the word “bisexual” is now no longer a flagged keyword in the App Store.

“I’m very pleased Apple responded positively and quickly,” said Prager. “It is important that we all stand up for every letter in LGBTQ and not treat the bisexual community as a spam word.”

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