Hello, Birmingham!

This weekend is Birmingham Pride and the bi stall – well placed between the merchandise traders and the village green community stalls – has drawn lots of attention. Natalya from the stall team said: “We found that the ‘Bi?’ badges and ‘Love Counts More Than Gender’ postcards were particularly popular wherever people were from. We got lots of local interest in Birmingham Bi Group and from further afield in Bi Community News and local groups elsewhere like BiPhoria.”

“Pride was also great for making links with other community groups and related organisations, and we hope to see many of the people who were on stalls alongside us for the day again at the BiCon Community Day this summer.”

“The stall was also good for team building among group members – thanks to everyone who made it happen!”

The next Birmingham bi group meeting is Tues 9th June 7:30pm with an “intro to bisexuality in the UK” workshop – a great place to start for first-timers.