Belgium gets BiFest for Pride

Visi-Bi-Lity at Belgium Pride 2014With a film screening, debate and workshops, Belgium Pride week kicks off on 10th May with Visi-BI-lity, an afternoon event focused on bi life – very much like a UK BiFest.

It’s being held at the Rainbowhouse Brussels with support from Belgian groups Er tussen in, Dubbelzinnig and Polyamour, and French bi network Bi-Cause.

The organisers say:

We hear it all too often within the LGBTQI community:  “Bisexuality does not exist’ – and people who identify themselves as bisexual, answer: “Everybody is bisexual!”

Neither statements is true, and we will be looking at what bisexuality is all about. Between these two extremes! How and when do you define yourself as bisexual, where you situate yourself? For what rights we have to fight and what about biphobic discrimination?

Find out more on the facebook event page.