Putting the B in #IDAHOT to make #IDAHOBIT

#IDAHOBIT2014 imageToday is the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia – and LGBT and LGBT-friendly organisations are implying their degree of bisexual engagement by the language they use in marking the date.

Your instant guide on twitter is the use of hashtags #IDAHOBIT or #IDAHOBIT2014.

On the “including the bis” team, the UK’s Minister for Women and Equality Jenny Willott MP tweeted yesterday: “Tomorrow = 10th International Day Against , & – remember all victims of

Jenny Willott MP tweets for IDAHOBITThe UK’s largest lesbian, gay & bisexual health charity, LGF, is using the inclusive tags and language, as is LGBT community groups umbrella organisation the LGBT Consortium.

London groups PACE Health and Stonewall Housing are also in the bi-positive camp, as are Liverpool Football Club’s LGBT supporters network, the Co-Op, and trades union Unison.

The UK’s best-funded LGB campaigning organisation Stonewall are resolutely ignoring both the B and calls for them to be bi-inclusive, while finding themselves at the centre of their own social media storm over comments made by interim Stonewall boss Ruth Hunt this week.

In the real world it’s a bit more complex to judge, though the Australian film festival in New South Wales that declared itself to be an LGBT event for “lesbians, gay men and trans people” probably positioned itself pretty clearly.  When challenged their defence was that biphobia is just a subset of homophobia – which was a common understanding of the issue about twenty years ago but most of us have moved on since then.

Some IDAHOBIT events specifically include bi representation. For example in Brighton the local LGBT Community Safety Forum will be hosting the city’s main IDAHOBIT event from 6.30pm at New Steine Gardens with a representative of Brighton BothWays among the speakers, while in Manchester from 5.30pm at Sackville Gardens a vigil organised by the Lesbian & Gay Foundation includes a speaker from BiPhoria.

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