Making our own TV

Manchester had Queer As Folk. The USA has The L Word – and there’s talk of the BBC having set the cast for a UK equivalent… but it’s all pretty much lesbian and gay television. It seems if we want bi telly, we are going to have to make our own.

Up to that challenge step FenceSitter Films, an American outfit which has launched a web series called “Rose By Any Other Name” on YouTube. A new installment will appear every Sunday – and four weeks in they’re still appearing on time and in the plot is starting to take shape. The production quality is remarkably high for YouTube footage, though the episodes themselves are a bit on the short side – with about four or five minutes of plot each week.

The FSF team have just started filming a new batch of episodes so it looks like this one will run for a good while yet. Follow the links below to get started and keep an eye out for episode five in the next few hours!

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