Bi magazine looks forward to 18th birthday

BCN issue 119 coverBisexual mag BCN is 18 next month – and they want to hear from you about how the magazine has touched your life.

Born from a discussion at the 1995 BiCon bisexuality conference, the first issue was simply called “Issue Zero” and came complete with a ballot paper as to what the name should be from issue 1 – in turn leading to controversy as a local postal strike meant readers in Manchester couldn’t cast their vote in time.

So what’s your BCN memory… Favourite article? Writeup that enraged? How it introduced you to the bi world? Whatever your BCN story is… pop over to the BCN website and drop them a line!

“Bi 2.0” is here

Bi 2.0 webmagazine

A new webmagazine about bisexuality has launched called Bi 2.0.

The editors say:

“Due to the diversity and complexity of our sexuality and the different types of people that form this broad community, the magazine will not have connotations of sex, race, ethnicity, gender, politics, religion, labels, or LGBT+ groups, the magazine is made only by bisexuals. We will not have technical articles, we will not promote segregation, on the contrary, we will encourage the union of our wide diversity to work alongside LGH people, and because of that, the magazine will have an BI objectivity as a joint diversity.

“We do not want you to think that BI 2.0 is made only by people with great knowledge and a great experience in bisexuality, it will also form part of these, anonymous bisexual people that with their comments, questions or anything else that is related to our sexuality, will be the base of some of our interviews and articles.”

Bi 2.0 will come out every two months.

You can read it here on issuu

Vote Bi!

Homo Heroes 2013 logoHelp give bi visibility a boost from your armchair by voting in this year’s Homo Hero awards!

The shortlists for the annual awards have been revealed, with one prominent bi activist making the cut this time as Jen Yockney is shortlisted for LGB Role Model of the Year.

Jen is editor of Bi Community News, the bimonthly bisexual magazine that celebrates 18 years of publishing this September. She is also at the helm of BiPhoria, the UK’s longest-running bisexual group, giving a rare social-support space to bis and those who think they might be bi.

Lately she’s been revamping the website, a hub of information about Bi Visibility Day, the annual bisexuality awareness day which has been marked since 1999.

The Homo Hero awards are run by the Lesbian & Gay Foundation, the UK’s largest LGB health charity.

You can go and vote here at the Homo Heroes webpage.

21 people or organisations are nominated across 7 categories – you can vote for some or all of the categories.  Two years ago there were three bi community activist nominees shortlisted and one bi project, but last year none made the list.

Bi Visibility Day site relaunches

Bi Visibility Website

New look September 23 site, the website which started more than a decade ago to record UK events to mark the date now includes information about events elsewhere in the world too. 

The site has had a major makeover to gel better with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter – and look a little less 1999.

It now aims to both record past and upcoming events to mark 23rd September each year, and to host and signpost resources and information useful to people doing bi visibility work both on the Day and all year round.

The site is jointly hosted between bi web hub Bi.Org and UK bisexual magazine Bi Community News.

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