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  • Bisexual friends, biactivists, bicurious and bifriendly people!
    Join and support Bi’Cause, the only french bisexual non-profit organization at (in french and english). Check our website at (in french only). Here is an english traduction of our manifesto, feel free to share it.

    French manifesto of bisexual people

    Of bisexual Identity:

    Bisexuality has always existed. It exists because those of us who are bisexual, either feminine or masculine in our diversity, declare openly being so. It is for us a sentiment of being in, and of this world, before being a lifestyle. We are attracted affectively and/or sexually by either sex, without necessarily having sex, and we assume this fact.
    We like acting out our desires, our pleasures and our love simultaneiously or successively. Like everyone, these relationships are on either a temporary or a permanent basis. We allow ourselves a wide choice of sexual possibilities, ranging from abstinence to having multiple partners.
    We only differ from monosexual people by this double attraction. Some of us live and assume our bisexuality out of choice – for others it is just natural. We live and assume it in our identity and/or in our practices.
    What we share is the will to assume this identity in itself and, if possible, with others.

    Of bisexual dignity:

    Our identity is neither more nor less worthy than heterosexual or homosexual identities.
    For us, freedom consists not only in being able to choose one’s way of life, but also the possibility of changing it.
    We cannot fulfilled ourselves if we sacrifice our bisexuality.
    We are against any hierarchy of genres and put into question the prevalence of masculinity and the preponderance of heterosexual standards.
    We also refuse the gay or lesbian normativities which tend to reduce sexuality to these two categories alone.
    We are against any masculin or feminin normativity which imposes marginality on all homosexual, bisexual, asexual, intersexual, transsexual people and transgenders.
    We are for a bisexuality which allows each person to act out his or her desires without being stigmatized.
    For this purpose, we do our best to prevent the possible emotional confusion of those who are the most fragile among us; this includes our visibility and valorizing different profiles identifying bisexuality.
    Our desire is to reduce biphobia and the multiple difficulties (whether in the social, economic or family spheres) pertaining to such discriminations.
    To this end, we are against the classification of sexual and affective behaviours laid down by institituions and authorities (religious, medical, legal, scientific, media-related…).

    Of bisexual rights:

    We demand:
    – to be recognized as bisexual whatever our present or past situation may be;
    – to see bisexuality considered on the same footing as heterosexuality;
    – to be able to act out our affective or sexual inclinations without having to justify them;
    – to be allowed to found the family of our choice (whether we are single, a couple or a multipartenariat) without having to sacrifice our bisexuality, and in each case that our capacity in our role as possible parents, step-parents, godmothers or godfathers, and educators, be recognized;
    – to be able to have space available to express ourselves, and to exchange and share experiences with other bisexual people; that the media explain that bisexual people exist in the same way as heterosexual or homosexual people do.
    – that educational and prevention policies, specially concerning sexually transmited diseases, treat bisexuality with the same respect and the same importance as other sexual orientations.

    Of duties of bisexual people:

    We are fully responsible with regard to those nearest to us and to society as a whole.
    As in any affective relationship, we owe our partners respect. This means, within the affective group thus constituted, setting up values that are accepted by all.


    Through this manifesto, we declare our solidarity with all people whose sexuality is unjustly marginalised, repressed or exploited.
    We defend the right to a sexuality without shame, rejection or violence.
    Having respect for everybody in their specificities, we, bisexual people, struggle for everyone’s freedom.

    (September 2007 version)

    Bisexual regards,
    Leo, Secretary / Webmaster / Event Manager

  • Gary Pownall

    Just wanted to say thanks for including my monthly event bi bi baby in your calendar. It’s appreciated

  • Emily

    I’m wondering if there is anything for Bi Visibility Day in Canada as I haven’t had luck finding anything

    • admin

      If there were Bi Visibility Day things happening anywhere in Canada I’d guess at Toronto given things like this happen there. I think the last printy Canadian bi mag, The Fence, was based there too.

  • Martin

    Ive just a quick question, is there any meet ups in the blackburn area. As im really very new to admiting im bi sexual. But i feel really defenceless and exsposed . Please help.! ! !

    • news

      Nearest would be Manchester. As a look through the listings here on in BCN magazine shows, it’s mainly the big cities that have bi meets, but in the end it’s down to where people make them happen!

  • Jackie

    re Passports Beyond Binary ~ is that “early day motion 907” petition still active: the parliament website only says when it was ‘tabled’ (whatever that means), and my MP hasn’t got back to me about it. Thanks

    • news

      If I have it right, EDMs only last for the parliamentary session stated, so that one for 2013/14 hit the buffers a few months ago when the new 2014/15 session began.

  • D

    Hi, I am a 23 year old bisexual guy and I’ve just recently decided to create a blog. It is not just about my bisexuality but a large part of it will focus on that. The purpose of my blog is for a bit of personal therapy and help other people in similar situations. I don’t suppose you could let people know about the blog? I just started it today and anything you could do would be a massive help.

    Thank you,
    The D x

    Note – blog later deactivated.

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