History Month with 3.5% extra

The fourth Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender History Month kicks off today – and it’s the first to fall in a leap year so slightly longer than usual!

Editor of Bi Community News, Jen Yockney said, “It looks like an even bigger and more varied season than before with events all over the country. History Month is great for reminding us all how far we have come in the last few decades, and also has room to be thought provoking as you go back further and have to face the question ‘what counts?’ In the centuries before the invention of words like homosexuality, heterosexuality and bisexuality, there are many figures we can pick out as queer in our modern view – but quite how they would have seen themselves if they lived today is open to some debate.”

“At the same time it serves a great educative purpose in showing how rich and diverse life has always been and reminding us of the struggles for the freedoms we have now. I’m sure we all send our best wishes to the hundreds of volunteers who will be putting on History Month events in the next four weeks.”

Brighton BiFest is GO!

Brighton’s third BiFest is all set for Saturday, 9th February. Proceedings kick off at 1pm with discussion sessions, community stalls, creative space, disco and chillout areas. More info from http://brighton.bifest.org/

The event is hosted by Brighton Bothways bi social/support group, with the support of the local Pride festival.

BiCon: it's better than London Pride or Glasto!

The Pink Paper have announced that BiCon won third place in their Readers “Event of The Year” poll.

The top five are –

1. Manchester Pride
2. Brighton Pride
3. BiCon
4. London Pride
5. Glastonbury

A BiCon team spokesperson comments: “Considering how large the other events in the top five are, this is an amazing result. Thank you to all who voted!”

2008 is set for Leicester

This year’s BiCon will be in Leicester, home of the 2002 event. The date has been set for the final weekend of August, 28 – 31. This is Thursday to Sunday – not the Bank Holiday weekend.

For more details bookmark www.bicon2008.org.uk – though it’s a little sparse just yet.

Bi event makes Pink Paper top 5

Vote now in Pink Paper readers poll For what is believed to be the first time, a bisexual event has made the top five LGBT events of the year in gay newspaper The Pink Paper’s reader’s poll of the year.

In the category, “Best festival, Pride or event” the shortlist on which readers will vote in a second round of polling in the next few days is: BiCon, Brighton Pride, Glastonbury, London Pride, Manchester Pride.

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