Got a bi teeshirt?

The bisexual teeshirt archive is an online collection of photos of bi teeshirts made around the world over the past twentyfive-plus years of the bi movement, assembled by Bi Community News.

If you have a bi teeshirt – for instance from an event such as BiCon – that they don’t already have a photo of in their archives, they’d love to hear from you. And like the personal ads used to say – with photo preferred!

Reaching the bi community

Want to reach those elusive bisexuals? There’s no better way than through the pages of BCN, the best selling bi magazine in the UK. And after a gap of nearly ten years without them, they are again taking adverts.

BCN tell us, “the aim is to take a limited amount of advertising, but it will allow us to increase the size of the magazine”. Recent increases in print cost and postage rates are expected to mean an increase in BCN’s subscription rates in the near future, which advertising revenue may offset.

You can get in touch with them through their contact page.

All the latest bi news

The newest edition of Bi Community News magazine has just hit the streets, with reports and plans from bi presences at Prides across the UK, an interview with the boss of new national organisation Bisexual Butterfly, and much more.

Make sure you don’t miss a copy by subscribing to Britain’s best-selling bi title.

Am I Bi?

Bisexual Index have a handy new leaflet in time for Pride this summer – “Am I Bisexual?” answers some of the common questions people have when considering their sexuality.

It’s available from their website

For a longer guide see the BCN website for the longer booklet Both Directions available as both PDF and as a web page.

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