Tom tells Auntie about Getting Bi

BBC Radio will be dipping into the life story of a bisexual icon in just over a week’s time.

It’s My Story: “Tom Robinson – Getting Bi” will air on BBC Radio 4 at 8pm on Monday, September 19th.Tom Robinson was the singer songwriter who became the darling of the gay rights movement with his song ‘Glad To Be Gay’ in the late 1970s – but just a few years later he’d fallen in love with a woman and was booed as he addressed the crowd at the 1987 London Gay Pride Festival. In this programme he examines how he came to terms with being bisexual and finds out how people in different parts of the UK cope with being attracted to both sexes. He finds bisexual people struggling to be understood and accepted by their gay and straight friends alike.

Producer Ashley Byrne says: ‘For some reason bisexuality remains a bit of taboo in the media and society at large. We’ve been trying to cover the issue on both TV and radio for years. So it’s a real credit to Radio 4 that they’ve had the courage to commission this programme.’

Ashley continues: ‘It’s clear there’s a whole swathe of the population who don’t see their sexual identity in neat pre-defined boxes – and this 30 minute doc begins to challenge some of the basic assumptions many people have about those who identify as bisexual.’

The programme will be followed with a ‘Big Bi Debate’ on Ashley Byrne’s regular LGBT show on BBC Radio Manchester a week later. More details on that nearer the time!

BBC helps bi erasure

Stonewall’s new report on bisexual, lesbian and gay representation on TV points out that while there was only a tiny amount of positive representation of gay and lesbian people in the programming monitored, there was no positive portrayal at all of bisexuals.

The BBC’s reporting of the Stonewall publication, however, wiped that from the slate. “Gay and lesbian television portrayals criticised” they declare, adding that “The BBC is conducting its own research into how gay and lesbian people are portrayed in its programmes.”

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