Happy Celebrate Bisexuality Day!

23 September - it's International Celebrate Bisexuality Day

23 September - it's International Celebrate Bisexuality Day

A fabulous International Celebrate Bisexuality Day to all our readers – it’s ten years since the first “ICBD” was marked. Back then here in the UK the only event to mark the occasion was a half-dozen bis propping up a corner of a bar in Manchester.

This year there are events in Birmingham, London, Manchester, Norwich and Sheffield – and perhaps even the odd one we’ve yet to hear of! Whether you attend one of those events, mark the date by talking about bisexuality to friends or work colleagues, change your facebook photo to a bi ribbon or just privately to yourself – happy bi day!

Birmingham adds to this year's celebrations

23 September - it's International Celebrate Bisexuality Day

23 September - it's International Celebrate Bisexuality Day

Birmingham is the fifth UK city to confirm events for this year’s International Celebrate Bisexuality Day. Local group Brum Bi will have a social meet-up on the evening of the 23rd.

They say:

We shall be running a brief drinkies and then a meal meet to celebrate!

What is it: A few of us meeting for a drink then going onto all you can eat Chinese for £10 meal. Food is suitable for vegans, veggies and meat eaters.

Where is it: Wetherspoons on Hurst Street at first for drinkies between 6 and 7 (http://www.jdwetherspoon.co.uk/pubs/pub-details.php?PubNumber=5609)

Big Wok at 7pmish http://www.bigwok.co.uk/Birmingham-info.asp.

When is it:
* 6pm Wetherspoons
* 7pmish Big Wok.

As it is a work night we don’t anticipate staying out very late, however there may well folks up for hanging out longer!

Who is welcome: Anyone who is bi, or bi friendly.

How will you recognise us:
We will have stuffed toy lions on our table in Wetherspoons. If you would like to be met between 6pm and 6:45 outside Wetherspoons email Natalya on info@brumbigroup.org.uk

Hello, Birmingham!

This weekend is Birmingham Pride and the bi stall – well placed between the merchandise traders and the village green community stalls – has drawn lots of attention. Natalya from the stall team said: “We found that the ‘Bi?’ badges and ‘Love Counts More Than Gender’ postcards were particularly popular wherever people were from. We got lots of local interest in Birmingham Bi Group and from further afield in Bi Community News and local groups elsewhere like BiPhoria.”

“Pride was also great for making links with other community groups and related organisations, and we hope to see many of the people who were on stalls alongside us for the day again at the BiCon Community Day this summer.”

“The stall was also good for team building among group members – thanks to everyone who made it happen!”

The next Birmingham bi group meeting is Tues 9th June 7:30pm with an “intro to bisexuality in the UK” workshop – a great place to start for first-timers.

Birmingham, Manchester and all points between

Bi Community News have launched a shiny new flyer to raise the profiles of both Manchester BiPhoria and Birmingham Bi Group – making it eminently suitable for distribution anywhere in the West side of England between around Kendal and Gloucester.

The glossy A6 leaflet also highlights BCN magazine so is useful for helping people find support and community, even if either group is a little hard to get to.

Available from either bi group, and we’re sure they’d welcome offers to take and distribute them widely!

Biggest ever Birmingham Pride bi presence

A bi group has a stall for the first time at Birmingham Pride, and are determined that they’ll never be forgotten. For that they need YOU!

Are you happy to talk about being bi? To march in the parade under our pink, purple and blue colours? Stick badges on unsuspecting members of the public, or just smile and hand someone a pen so they can sign up for the Brum Bi group email list at the bi stall?

They need volunteers between 10am and 9pm on Saturday 24th May, for as long or as short a part of the day as you can give. See their website and get in touch with them: http://brumbigroup.org.uk/

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