More events to Celebrate Bisexuality

This year’s International Celebrate Bisexuality Day looks set to be the busiest the UK has seen yet, with more and more events being confirmed as the date approaches.

ICBD has been marked on the 23rd September each year since 1999.

Events have now been confirmed for Manchester, London and Norwich – see for the details.


Have you got any plans for this year’s International Celebrate Bisexuality Day?

Marked for ten years now, the day falls in a little over a month on the 23rd September.

There are already events lined up in Manchester and Norwich – but get in touch if you’ve also got something planned down your way!

Bi Guide launch at Manchester's Bi Day

Join us downstairs at Taurus, Canal Street, Manchester on 23rd September – International Celebrate Bisexuality Day – for the launch of the new 2008 edition of “Both Directions”, your guide to the UK bisexual community.

Marking the 10th International Celebrate Bisexuality Day, we will also be celebrating 14 years of the local bi social-support group BiPhoria.

Doors open at 8pm.

Scotland marks Celebrate Bisexuality Day

This Sunday, BiScotland is holding a fun event to recognise International Celebrate Bisexuality Day. It’s not just an event for bisexuals, but for our friends too, and they are hoping that as many of you as possible can make it..

On September 21st, BiScotland and the LGBT Centre for Health and Wellbeing will be holding an event to recognise International Celebrate Bisexuality Day (which falls on 23rd September). This day is a call for bisexual people and their families, friends and allies to recognize and celebrate bisexuality, bisexual history, bisexual community and culture, and the bisexual people in their lives. Come and join us for tea, coffee, biscuits, discussion and fun from 2-5pm.

Where: LGBT Centre for Health and Wellbeing, 9 Howe Street, Edinburgh EH3 6TE
When: 2pm to 5pm, Sun 21st September

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