Jackie Clunes talks bi… and gay and straight… on Radio 4


Bisexuality on the Beeb?

This morning BBC Radio 4 devoted half an hour to the fluidity of human sexuality as Jackie Clunes presented “A Straight Question”.

Principally about people who identify as lesbian or gay and then find themselves in a mixed-sex relationship, it covered a lot of ground in 29 minutes. The show touched on questions of how emotionally charged a shift in your sense of your own sexuality can be, on the ways that social acceptance may vary with your change of partner but that fundamentally a relationship is a relationship, and the variety of responses from family and friends to these changes. Peculiarly, such comments were all about the response of gay or straight mates – we are quite sure lots of people have bi friends too.

The programme touched on how your sense of queerness can be socially erased when in a mixed-sex couple, though it managed to dodge the words ‘bisexual invisibility’ and didn’t explore the ways people can keep a sense of their bi or queer self despite such social pressures.

There was a bit of ‘hopping the fence’ talk – as the @bicommunitynews twitterers observed, you don’t need to be on one side or the other and the view from on top can be quite good!


You will be able to hear the show soon through the iPlayer here (not up at the time of writing!)