A month to book!

BiCon 2011 logoComing to this year’s BiCon? If you want to stay in the onsite accommodation at the biggest bi event of the UK calendar, you need to get a move on – residential bookings close in a month from now on 8th August.

Book and find out more here.

Fun Day: 1 month to go

Big Bi Fun Day will be happening again in May this year!

Here at BiMedia we’re excited about this and hoping to meet lots of you there again. Last year it was a success with 40 people, including families with children. It will be held on Saturday 21st May from 1pm to 5pm in Leicester. There is no entry fee but the organisers will be asking for donations to cover the costs of venue hire.

Big Bi Fun Day is a one day event to meet up, relax and socialise with other bisexuals and allies in a family friendly environment. Children are welcome and the venue has been chosen with families in mind.  It’s not a BiFest or BiCon and there are no workshops. If you think you will come along or want to know more, please go to http://bigbifunday.tk


BiCon 2011 logoFancy a good excuse for dressing up? The BiCon Ball this year has been titled ‘Deco-dance – Cos It Don’t Mean a Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing!’ The organisers have taken the years 1919 – 1939 as inspiration. They say: “It was an era when societal norms and rules were challenged. It’s the era of Jazz, Hollywood Glamour, of speakeasies and dancing till dawn.”

Not only is this a fascinating historical period, it’s also a period that is rich in bi history and bi icons including Marlene Dietrich, Josephine Baker, Siegfried Sassoon, the Bright Young People and the Bloomsbury Group. Full suffrage in the UK was achieved. It was also the time of the Weimar Republic, and the ground breaking Institute for Sexual Research.

Traditional gender roles and sexuality were challenged, and it was the era of the pre-code Hollywood movie, where scenes such as the infamous Marlene Dietrich kiss in Morocco – the first woman to woman kiss on screen – were featured.

And if that’s not enough – it was also the era of Golden Age detective fiction from Poirot to Sam Spade and the birth of Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers and Superman.

There are multiple opportunities to create a fabulous outfit, if that’s your fancy, a few are below.

So come along to the BiCon Speakeasy and dance the night away!

Find out more about BiCon and book your tickets here on their website

BiCon 2011: 5 months to go

BiCon 2011 logoWith five months to go to 2011’s biggest bi event, BiCon, BiMedia will be bringing you news over the coming weeks of what the organisers have got in store.

BiCon is an annual long-weekend gathering for bisexual people, their friends, partners and anyone with a supportive interest in bisexuality. There are discussion groups and activities all day and social space and entertainment in the evening. Most people chose to stay in the on site accommodation but there are also options for registration only (if you live locally or would like to arrange your own accommodation) and one day tickets.

This year it will be in Leicester.

BiCon is a community event run entirely by volunteers and aims to be accessible to everyone who would like to attend. Ticket prices are on a sliding scale (based on your income), with day tickets available from £10 (unwaged). They also have an Equality Fund to help people who might not otherwise be able to come to BiCon.

BiCon 2011 will be the 29th conference / convention for bisexuals in the UK organised entirely by volunteers. Each year it is held in a different place, to make it accessible almost wherever you live in the country – past venues include Edinburgh, Manchester, London, Glasgow, Treforest, Coventry, Norwich and many more.

Find out more on their website.

Big Bi Fun Day rides again!

Following the success of last summer’s Big Bi Fun Day in Leicester, there will be a second Big Bi Fun Day in four months’ time. It will be held on 21st May, at the Friends Meeting House, 16 Queens Road, Leicester: pop it in your diary now!

The BBFD site notes: Big Bi Fun Day is a one day (well, technically, one afternoon) UK event where we’ve organised a space for bisexuals and allies to meet up, relax and socialise with other bisexuals and allies. It will be held in a family friendly venue and we hope that bisexuals from all over the UK (and anywhere else) will take this opportunity to come along and meet people from different regions, catch up with friends and have a fun day out.

It is not a small BiCon. There will be no scheduled workshops and it is not an overnight event. It is not a BiFest. This event is not intended to be an introduction to bisexuality. However, new people are welcome to come along.

You can find out more on the special wiki page here.

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