How was your history month?

LGBT History Month
Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans (LGBT) History Month has been marked in the UK since 2005. In past years we’ve picked up complaints that the events organised have been very LG- or LGT- focused and marginalised bisexuality from the story. How was your history month this year?

Our History

February is LGBT History Month with a plethora of events across the UK. Tonight Rotherham hosts what may be the only bi-focused event of the month this time around. Sarah-Jane Robinson from University of Huddersfield will be giving what’s billed as “a stimulating and myth challenging lecture about bisexuality”.

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History Month Launch

The launch event ahead of 2010’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Trans History Month will be held on Nov 9th in London.

The day will include three interlinked events:

Best practice showcase: An afternoon session where teachers, youth workers and other practitioners and contributors to LGBT History Month will share good practice by exhibiting or presenting work created to celebrate LGBT History Month. This session will celebrate what LGBT History Month has achieved in a growing number of participating educational settings. A unique chance for all to learn how to celebrate LGBT History Month February 2010. There will also be awards for the best and most successful ideas.

Teachers Surgery: A relaxed and informal session for teachers who want to begin LGBT celebrations in their school to come and discuss with teachers who have already had successful results. The panel will consist of representatives from primary and secondary schools who have tried and tested ideas to help kick start your celebrations for February 2010. This event takes place from 5pm – 6pm.

Evening Pre-launch: The formal pre-launch will be an opportunity for networking, and to hear from prominent speakers including:Trevor Phillips (Chair of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission), Cllr Keith Moffitt (Leader of Camden Council) and Ben Bradshaw MP (Secretary of State for Culture, Media & Sport). The year 2010 will bring us The Equality Act with its greater legislative demands of schools and all public institutions thereby increasing the relevance of LGBT History Month. This event takes place from 6:15pm – 9:00pm

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Liverpool's bi jazz man celebrated

Just as we were thinking there was little “B” in LGBT History Month, an exhibition opens at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool this month, showcasing portraits of bisexual raconteur and jazz musician George Melly, by artist Maggi Hambling. Born in Liverpool in 1926, George was a prolific jazz and blues singer, art critic and writer. He was open about having relationships with both men and women, and Hambling, who is also openly lesbian, was one of his closest friends.

Hambling’s portraits reflect the later part of Melly’s life and his death in 2007, following similar works depicting the deaths of her father and her muse, Henrietta Moraes. She writes: “I loved and worked from life with all three and so the fact of death did not kill my desire to paint them. One by one they have inhabited me. George often makes a grand appearance in my dreams. I still hear him laugh, tell jokes and sing. From wherever he may be…”

George Always: Portraits of George Melly by Maggi Hambling
Walker Art Gallery, William Brown St, Liverpool, L3 8EL
27 February – 31 May 2009

The "B" in LGBT History

LGBT History Month 2009 starts in a few days and so far there seem to be no bi-focused events, and the only one with a bisexual strand knows about will be at an event in Camden, London. Do let us know about others!

“Out in Camden V” will be held in the Council Chambers, Camden Town Hall. Speakers include BiCon 2010 director Marcus Morgan alongside Peter Tatchell, Stella Duffy, and David Henry.

The event runs from 11.30-3 pm, Tuesday 3rd February.

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