Bis at Prides 2015


Join bisexuals, partners, friends and allies marching under the pink, purple and blue bi flag at LGBT Pride festivals this summer!

Dates we know about already:

Birmingham Pride (23 May) – details here

Blackpool Pride (13 June) – details here

Edinburgh Pride (20 June) – details here

London (27 June) – details coming soon

Sheffield (4 July) – details here

Bristol (11 July) – details here

Nottingham (25 July) – details coming soon

Leeds (1 August) – details coming soon

Manchester (29 August) – details here


Please let us have any extras for that list, to

Bis at Manchester Pride: it’s not over!

Today was parade day at Manchester LGBT Pride, but the bi visibility carries on for another two days with a bi info stall in the Lifestyle Expo area of the festival.

Drop by and say hi to the folks from local group BiPhoria who are celebrating their group’s 20th anniversary in a few days.

The word on the purple street is that they are nearly out of their supply of freebie BCN magazines, but still have plenty of copies of their own excellent bi ‘coming out and staying out’ guide Getting Bi in a Gay/Straight World.

March with the bis at Manchester Pride

Bis on parade

["B is not for invisi-bi-lity" banner photo]

Bi & Proud!

This weekend is Manchester LGBT Pride and if you’d like to help add a splash of bi visibility to the event then local bi group BiPhoria will be marching on the Pride parade and running a bi stall each day in the community stalls area. Join them!

The parade is on Saturday. To join the bi marching contingent you need to meet at the designated parade waiting area for walking entries which is just off Liverpool Street (off Deansgate) by the Roman fort – be there from 11:30am and by 12 noon. You’re encouraged to have sensible footwear that is suitable for standing and walking for long periods of time, as the parade ends around 3pm, and wearing purple is recommended as the BiPhoria regulars will have matching purple teeshirts.

As ever, look for the pink, purple and blue bi flags.

The bi community stall will run 11am – 5pm on Saturday and Sunday, and 11am – 3pm on Bank Holiday Monday, in the community stalls area which is in the ground floor of the multistorey carpark on Chorlton Street, at the back of the National Express coach station.

Sign up for the Facebook event here to help the parade organisers know you’re coming.

Join the bis at Cardiff Pride

Bi WalesJoin the bis in Cardiff this weekend as Pride Cymru (formerly known as Cardiff Wales LGBT Mardi Gras) returns to the grounds of Coopers Field, Cardiff on Saturday 16th August 2014 for Wales’ largest celebration of equality and diversity.

There will be bi banners on the parade – look for the pink, purple and blue – and a Bi Cymru stall in the community stalls area.

Find out more on the Bi Cymru facebook group.

Parade with the bis at Nottingham Pride on Saturday

Bi Banner

Working the flag’s colours into a Pride banner

Thinking of coming along to Nottingham LGBT Pride this Saturday? Why not join local bi group BiTopia, putting the pink, purple & blue into the Pride parade.

BiTopia say:

“We will meet at 11:00am on Saturday 26th July on Castle Gate adjacent to the Marks & Spencer. Look for banner in the photo below and the Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue’s Fire Engine to spot us! The fire engine will lead the parade.

“The parade will start from Castle Gate at 11:30 and will finish at Broad street. This change of route is actually a nice touch for us seeing as we meet there every month for our pub socials!”

Note this is a change of plan from the meetup info given in the recent issue of BCN – there have been changes to the parade arrangements since it went to press.

Here’s a link to parade info on the Pride website:

Here’s a map of the Pride site around Nottingham

Please wear purple if you can, or any purple/bisexual coloured clothing and accessories. It might be a good idea to wear flat, comfortable shoes and check the weather report beforehand so you can bring your brolly or sun cream etc. if needed.

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