A busy bi week

What are you up to this week? This week’s bi diary includes meetings in Swansea and Manchester – both on Tuesday evening – and Oxford and Edinburgh on Wednesday. And the week rounds off with Birmingham BiFest.

So depending where you are on Tuesday you could pop along to Manchester’s regular bi social, a pub meet at the Waterhouse pub next to the town hall. Or you could join the Swansea bis for their regular discussion night.

Wednesday if you’re in Oxford the local bis have a meet-up in the Castle Tavern, while in Edinburgh there’s the monthly Bi Edinburgh meet at the LGBT centre on Broughton Street.

Saturday sees Birmingham BiFest. This is their second – last autumn’s was a splendid day out for bis, partners, friends and allies, and this one promises to be even better.

See our calendar page to keep up to date with bi events around the UK – or add things in your area!

Swansea shows its colours

swansea pride logo 2010Bi Wales and the Swansea bi group will be having a bi stall at Swansea Pride this Saturday 26th June. If anyone is coming along do pop over and say hi.

The website has details and where to buy tickets (£5 in advance, £10 on the day)

Bi Wales will also be at Cardiff Mardi Gras on Saturday 4th September.

Swansea's big bi day!

Bi Wales

Bi Wales

This Saturday 12th December in Swansea is Bi day. Bi Cymru are holding several events and fundraising for members, supporters and friends to get involved in.

First the long awaited cake-off between Bi Swansea and Bi Cardiff is taking place at 12 noon in the upstairs room of The Office pub in Castle square. This cake baking competition was designed by the members of Bi Cardiff and Bi Swansea to see who can bake the best cake. Non members and people from elsewhere are welcome to take part and may the best cake win!

After the competition they will be holding a Bring and buy and cake sale in the same room upstairs in The Office pub in Castle Square 2-5pm please come along and bring anything you want to donate as long as it’s saleable quality, not electrical and not alcohol, knives etc. Please also let your friends, family and others know of this great opportunity to get cheap Christmas presents and support Bi Cymru/Wales and Bi Swansea at the same time.

They will be selling any of the cakes from the competition people want to donate, in slices or cupcakes so participants can take some of their cakes home and donate some to the sale if they wish.

They also told us:

“During the Bring and buy and Cake sale we will be having some live accoustic performances to brighten the day and make it more of an event and there will be a chance to meet the Bi Swansea and Bi Cymru/Wales committees and find out more about local groups and plans for the future.

“In the evening we will be fundraising in bars in Swansea, shaking buckets and encouraging people to part with their pennies as a group. If you want to join us for the fundraising we will be mainly in the gay bars and clubs of Swansea, but will also be going to The Office and Monkey bar. We will be starting in Hush at 9pm, followed by The Kings Arms Tavern at 9:30pm; The Office at 10pm; Exchange at 10:15pm; Monkeys at 10:30; Talk of the Town at 10:45 and Champers at 11pm followed by Hush club.

“Please feel free to join us at any point of the night and say hello if you’re out drinking and we come along. If you want to join us on the night, but want to contact us I’ll have the Bi Cymru/Wales and Bi Swansea phone on me so please text or call 07982 308812.

You can email Bi Cymru/Wales on bicymru@yahoo.co.uk

Swansea bis

Bi Wales logo

Bi Wales logo

We’re delighted to report another new bi group launching in Wales. The first meeting of Bi Swansea is this Tuesday, 15th September.

The meeting is closed to Bi people (anyone attracted to more than 1 gender) and people who think they may be bi/questioning people. Please text 07982 308812 or email biswansea1@yahoo.co.uk for details of the venue. The meeting is 6:30pm to 8:30pm – the organisers don’t publicise the venue to keep the meetings confidential.

The social afterwards is open to anyone bi supportive, straight, gay, bi or anything else, it doesn’t matter. This will start at 8:30pm in Hush on the High Street.

Welsh Double

Bi Wales logo

Bi Wales logo

After 2 years of Bi Cymru/Wales, local people have come together in Cardiff and Swansea to get local bisexual groups going. Meetings of both groups are open to anyone attracted to more than one gender or who thinks they may be and lives near Cardiff or Swansea. Socials and other events for both groups will be open to anyone bi supportive, regardless of their sexuality.

will be holding it’s first meeting on TUESDAY 1ST SEPTEMBER and then monthly on the first Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm for 7pm start. There will be social events open to anyone after the meetings.

Contact Bi Cardiff for details by coming to the Bi Cymru/Wales stall at Cardiff Mardi Gras, by email: bicardiff@yahoo.co.uk, text: c/o Bi Cymru/Wales on 076982 308812 or by post: c/o Box 101, LGF, 105-107 Princess Street, Manchester, M1 6DD or join the Bi Cardiff Facebook Group.

will be holding it’s first meeting on Tuesday 15th September then monthly on the third Tuesday of the month, 6:30pm for 7pm start for meetings followed by a social event open to everyone at Hush on the High Street from 8:30pm.

For details and the venue come to the Bi Cymru/Wales stall at Cardiff Mardi Gras or contact Bi Swansea by email: BiSwansea1@yahoo.co.uk; Text (c/o Bi Cymru/Wales) 07982 308812, by post c/o Box 101, LGF, 105-107 Princess Street, Manchester, M1 6DD. Or join the Bi Swansea Facebook group.

Please spread the word to anyone you think might be interested or who might know other Bi or Bi supportive people in Swansea or Cardiff

We hope to see many of you at Cardiff Mardi Gras on Saturday.

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