Putting the B in lgBt… in the Guardian

Today the Guardian goes bi… well, a page of Comment Is Free does at least. Marcus Morgan writes for them today, highlighting bi work such as the BiFests and Bisexual Index and the enduring annual festival BiCon, whose longevity rivals most Pride events – the first was back in 1984.

He starts off by saying:

I’m constantly baffled by the exclusion of bisexuals. I blame bad science, or rather bad scientists. Every year it seems there’s a new study on “what makes people gay”. Oddly, this is expected to be an on-off switch, and the researchers look in the genes, or the brain or the length of fingers for a sign that one set of people will be queer, now and for always, and another proving the rest will remain 100% straight. It takes a special kind of rigidity of outlook to construct a survey on finger length and decide beforehand there’s no middle ground.

Read the article in full on the Guardian’s website. As with most pieces on newspaper websites that allow feedback, beware of some of the more peculiar comments from readers in response!