2009: Bis At Work

For many years the people who ran bi groups and events picked up anecdotal information about bi life, but it was only relatively recently that this turned into formally  researched academic findings that did not merge gay and bi experience.

One such was Ellison and Gunstone’s research in 2009 on lesbian, gay and bi people’s experiences. This was produced for the EHRC: they said that bis found it much harder to be out in the workplace,

“Seven in 10 lesbians (69 per cent) and gay men (70 per cent) felt they could be open about their sexual orientation in the workplace without fear of discrimination or prejudice. This contrasts sharply with only around two in 10 (23 per cent) bisexual men and three in 10 (30 per cent) bisexual women who felt the same.”

2009 also saw the Stonewall report on bisexuality and employment, which highlighted similar issues.