Government to review international LGBT work

Lynne Featherstone MP
Lynne Featherstone MP

In response to the passage of Uganda’s harsh new anti-homosexuality law, a UK Government LGBT policy review has been announced, to be led by Under-Secretary of State for International Development Lynne Featherstone.

Speaking about the review today, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said: “When it’s published, I hope it will help us hardwire LGBT rights into our entire human rights agenda – through every bilateral meeting, every multilateral relationship and every corner of the world.

“The message is clear: LGBT rights are human rights. So we need LGBT protections to be a part of anti-discrimination laws everywhere.

“This means absolutely continuing to support LGBT campaigners on the ground around the world – they are the key to change in their local communities and countries.

“It means talking to multi-national businesses to encourage them to make the business case against homophobia.

Lynne was the MP who piloted the same-sex marriage law for Wales & England into Parliament, who has since been reshuffled from equalities to international development.