Jo Swinson MP

Equality minister welcomes Bi Visibility Day

Jo Swinson MPEquality minister Jo Swinson MP welcomed the sixteenth Bi Visibility Day this morning, saying:

“I’m proud that this has been a momentous year for LGBT equality. The first marriages of same-sex couples have taken place in England and Wales, and the UK has once again been ranked number one in Europe for LGBT rights.

Sadly some prejudice remains, which is why I’m very pleased to welcome Bi Visibility Day. It’s an opportunity to celebrate the lives and experiences of bisexual people throughout the country and tackle the barriers and challenges they can face.

I hope that Bi Visibility Day 2014 is a great success and gets more people thinking about the B in LGBT.”

As Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Employment Relations, Consumer and Postal Affairs and for Women and Equalities, Jo is the Lib Dems’ equality minister in the coalition government. So far we’ve not heard anything about Bi Visibility Day from ConservativeĀ opposite number Nicky Morgan, but the day’s not over yet…