That was 2011

Tis the season to write reviews of the year, so jumping on a bandwagon for once…

Our bi year highlights:

* The biggest UK BiCon ever with 297 people over four days in Leicester

* Bi Visibility Day on 23rd September having a bigger profile than ever – Bi Day website september23 reported double the traffic they had in 2010 (and two bi events marking LGBT History Month – not a lot, but twice the previous best!)

* Good bi coverage from Auntie for once as Tom Robinson talked bi past and bi present on Radio 4

* That New York Times headline breaking the shock news that Bisexual Men Exist.

* Bi community activists being invited to Obama’s White House LGBT reception (sadly the same didn’t seem to happen over here for Number 10’s LGBT shin-dig)

* Jessie J as an out bi woman sweeping the boards at the Mobo awards

* Bristol BiVisible launching Greedy, the first regular bi club night in the UK since the Fencesitter’s Ball closed down

* Manchester BiPhoria launching Getting Bi In A Gay/Straight World, a very pretty and pocketable publication

* Four people presented with Cake Awards recognising their work in and for the bi community

* A massive bi showing in the Homo Hero awards with bi nominees making the three-name shortlist in every possible category

* Also in gong news – Stonewall’s awards shortlisting bis Jessie J and Lady Gaga

* And many more bis in the media talking openly about being bi

* Civil partnerships on religious premises going through, and date set for the move toward same-sex marriage. It’s a slow path to our relationships not being treated differently depending on our partner’s gender, but we’re getting there!

Jessie cleans up at Mobos

Bi popstar Jessie J won big at last night’s Mobo Awards in Glasgow, nominated in five categories and winning all but one of those.

She won in best UK act, best newcomer, best song for “Do It Like A Dude” and best album for “Who You Are”.

Jessie said of her rapid rise to fame, “I watched this last year by myself in my living room and no-one knew who I was.”

Stonewall shortlists bis

Stonewall star logoFollowing the fabulous four shortlisted bi nominees in this year’s Homo Hero awards (alas all defeated!) the shortlists for the 2011 Stonewall awards have been announced and there are a couple of high-profile bi names in there too.

‘Hero of the Year’ nominees include Lady Gaga for her LGB&T equality campaigning, while Jessie J makes the cut for ‘Entertainer of the Year’. TV show Torchwood – noticeably less bi this year than in the past – and the less-than-bi-positive BBC3 show Lip Service are both up for ‘Broadcast of the Year’.

Strangely, BCN is again passed over in the ‘Publication of the Year category. We’re sure it’s only a matter of time.

Til then, keep an eye out for pop culture bi winners at the Awards ceremony to be held on 3 November 2011.


Nearly There

Bisexual NomineesThe four prominent bi nominees in the 2011 Homo Hero awards left empty-handed last night as each of the categories went to other candidates.

BiPhoria organiser and BCN editor Jen Yockney lost to the director of Manchester Pride for the title of Community Champion. Marcus Morgan from Bisexual Index was beaten by Sir Ian McKellen in the Role Model category. And BiCon co-organiser Natalya Dell didn’t quite pull in as many votes as the boss of OutdoorLads.

In the community organisations category, Bi Community News lost out to Albert Kennedy Trust.

A disappointing night to see the bi nominees fail to take any of the gongs, but a remarkable level of bi visibility nonetheless – can you think of any other awards (apart from the Cake Awards!) with that many bisexual nominees making the shortlist?

Our congratulations and commiserations to all our bisexual heroes. Next year!

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