Painting Merthyr Tydfil purple

Painting Wales purple?


Merthyr Tydfil – delighted to report another Bi Visibility Day event today in Wales!

The Visible group will be getting together to celebrate Bi Visibility Day at VAMT (Voluntary Action Merthyr Tydfil), from 11am-2pm.

Venue details:

Voluntary Action Centre,
89-90 High Street,
Merthyr Tydfil
CF47 8UH

Bi Visibility outreach in Norwich

Outreach stall

239-280px Norwich Bisexuals will be running an outreach info stall at the Catherine Wheel, 61 St Augustines St, Norwich, NR3 3BG today the 23rd September. 

It will run from 8pm to late in the evening.

There’s an event on Facebook for you to find out more about it, say you’re dropping by, or learn more about the group, [here].

Bi Visibility Day: Swansea Students Talk Bi

Bi flags around the UKIt’s Bi Visibility Day (September 23rd) and through the day, the LGBT officers from Swansea University Students’ Union will be having some information, displaying the bi pride flag and being available for a chat.

Excellent work given it’s freshers week, the busiest spot in the student year, as well!

Find out more in Neath

Painting Wales purple?

Painting Wales purple?Neath is home to another Bi Visibility Day event in Wales!

South Wales Police are bringing their engagement van with a load of Bi information to Neath town centre from 11am today Tuesday 23rd September.

Pop along, say shwmae and find out more!

Buy-a-Bi-a-Beer in Hove

Bi-coloured UK map

Bi-coloured UK mapJoin Brighton & Hove council’s LGBT Workers Forum for a few drinks to celebrate Bi Visibility Day later today at Hove Kitchen, 102-105 Western Rd, Hove, East Sussex BN3 1FA

Things will get started at 5pm. Look for the pink, purple & blue!

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