The Bisexuality Report

Bisexuality Report coverThe Bisexuality Report (2012) is a major publication on bisexual life in the UK.

It brings together lots of research into bisexuality in Britain and presents it by subject area – work and employment, health, education, media representation and so forth.

The report was proposed by Jen Yockney at a Bi Activism Conference in 2011, and has been written by Jen Yockney (of Bi Community News), Marcus Morgan (of The Bisexual Index), and Meg Barker, Christina Richards, Rebecca Jones, Helen Bowes-Catton & Tracey Plowman (of BiUK).

We have a series of news stories relating to it: here are a few –

The Launch (Feb 15th 2012)

The Podcast (Feb 18th 2012)

The Introductory Video (Feb 27th 2012)


You can download the full report as a pdf here. (on Windows PCs, right-click and save will work best on most browsers)