Telling people there's no hyphen in bisexual

Bisexual Index launched their “drop the hyphen” campaign earlier this year, and Manchester bi group BiPhoria took up the theme in the publicity for their recent bi community day event.

Writer Jacqui Applebee wrote a poem inspired by the campaign, which BiPhoria turned into a postcard, perfect for sending to writers and organisations that need a handy reminder about how to spell the “b word”.

You can pick up the cards at events like Brum BiFest.

Birmingham's First BiFest!

Brum BiFest will be following in the footsteps of London, Manchester and Brighton with a one day event to celebrate and explore bisexuality in bi friendly surroundings for bi people and bi friendly allies. The day is also being supported and promoted as part of SHOUT, Birmingham’s Festival of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans culture.

There will be workshop sessions (including bi 101 and living as bi in a gay and straight world), fun and educational activities, and opportunities to meet other bi and bi friendly people and organisations in Birmingham and the West Midlands.

Saturday 21st November 2009 – 11am to 8pm at The Warehouse in ABPlus, central Birmingham. More info:

Manchester: the programme

Manchester BiFest‘s programme for today’s event runs as follows:

1pm Open – 1.45: Tea, coffee, etc.

1.45pm – 2.30pm Welcome / mixer games. Get to meet people!
Or Bi UK: A quick tour

2.30 – 3.00pm break for food etc

3.00 – 4.15 Workshops: either How Bisexual Are You? Kinsey, Klein and More
or Being bi in a gay and straight world

4.30 – 5.30 Workshops: either Coming out again
or Activism, Volunteering, Getting Involved!

5.45 – 6.45 Workshops: either Our Bi History
or Relationships 101

Find out more at the Manchester BiFest site.


Manchester BiFest is a one-day get-together for bi people and our allies in Manchester and the North West. If you’ve never been to a bi community event before, it’s a brilliant place to start.

  • When: This Saturday, 3rd October 2009 – 1pm to 7pm.
  • Where: The LGF centre in Central Manchester, just on the edge of Gay Village.
  • Entry: £5 waged, £3 unwaged.

BiFests are about celebrating and exploring bisexuality in the form of bi-friendly surroundings where there are discussion sessions, activities and chillout spaces. Manchester have a programme of workshops and discussions running in two rooms, plus chillout / arts and crafts space, and information stalls about bi and bifriendly organisations like Bi Community News, Bisexual Index, local bi group BiPhoria and more.

This year’s event in Manchester also marks the 15th birthday of local bi group BiPhoria.

Manchester's Fifteen

Manchester bisexual group BiPhoria turns fifteen this month and have a mini-BiFest Bi Day lined up at the local LGB community centre on Saturday October 3rd to celebrate.

BiPhoria is now the longest running bi group in the UK, as bi groups set up before it have folded and sometimes been re-formed after a gap. It came into existence through the then-running Manchester bi men’s and bi women’s groups meeting up at BiCon 1994 and suggesting some joint work.

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