Massive response to bi survey!

Add your voice to the throng!

Add your voice to the throng!

News in from 2014’s annual BiCon Survey – they’ve had the biggest response ever to the survey, 50% higher than last year!

BiCon is the biggest bi event of the year, held in a different city each time.  It was in Leeds last weekend; next summer’s venue has not yet been announced.

The survey helps reflect who comes to BiCon and how this is changing over time – as well as what attendees hope to get out of the weekend.

If you were at the 2014 BiCon, there’s still time to send your BiCon Survey in. Post it to the BiPhoria address printed at the top of the form and on the envelope it came in.

Bi Groups To Network Again

local groupsThe first day of BiCon, August 1st, will see the third meeting of the Bi Local Groups Network. Two years on from the founding of the national network of bisexual people’s social & support group organisers, the networking meeting will be held in Leeds as part of BiCon 2014.

The Network aims to bring together the broad range of projects which provide space and services specifically for bisexual people, to help them share expertise, resources, best practice and ideas for outreach and visibility.

While many attendees already run local bi groups from Swansea to London to Brighton to Manchester, it will also be open to people who are seeking to get a bi meetup or space going in their own area.

If you can’t make it to BiCon but either run a bi local group or are setting one up, you can contact the network c/o Bi Community News.

BiCon unveils timetable

BiCon 2014 logo

BiCon 2014 is on August 1-3

Thinking of coming to this year’s big bisexual gathering BiCon?

The handbook and programme grids from the programme page are now available to read online and there is also an accessible word version of the large print handbook.

The organisers say: “Don’t worry, you will get a printed copy as well when you check in, so you don’t have to print it, but we thought you’d like to see the lovely things we have in store!”

If you might only be going for one day the programme may be useful to help decide which day of BiCon you would get the most out of.

BiCon is in Leeds on August 1st-3rd and is preceded by the BiReCon bisexuality research conference.

Read more here.

EuroBiCon returns!

European Union Flag

EuroBiCon is wider than the 28 states: we’ll still be welcome even if we’ve left the EU by then!

It’s been eleven years since the last European BiCon – held in Dublin in 2003 – but the event will at last return.

The event is picking up on a UK BiCon model of incorporating a theory & research event, so today’s announcement is that the first EuroBiReCon as well as third EuroBiCon is to be held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

There’s some time to save up your pennies for the flight though as the dates are July 28-31, 2016.

We look forward to reporting further, nearer the time!

In the meantime you can follow the twitter accounts eurobicon and eurobirecon. They’ll probably be fairly quiet for a bit!

Parade with the bis at Nottingham Pride on Saturday

Bi Banner

Working the flag’s colours into a Pride banner

Thinking of coming along to Nottingham LGBT Pride this Saturday? Why not join local bi group BiTopia, putting the pink, purple & blue into the Pride parade.

BiTopia say:

“We will meet at 11:00am on Saturday 26th July on Castle Gate adjacent to the Marks & Spencer. Look for banner in the photo below and the Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue’s Fire Engine to spot us! The fire engine will lead the parade.

“The parade will start from Castle Gate at 11:30 and will finish at Broad street. This change of route is actually a nice touch for us seeing as we meet there every month for our pub socials!”

Note this is a change of plan from the meetup info given in the recent issue of BCN – there have been changes to the parade arrangements since it went to press.

Here’s a link to parade info on the Pride website:

Here’s a map of the Pride site around Nottingham

Please wear purple if you can, or any purple/bisexual coloured clothing and accessories. It might be a good idea to wear flat, comfortable shoes and check the weather report beforehand so you can bring your brolly or sun cream etc. if needed.

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