Call for research on bi youth experience

We’re pleased to carry a Call for academic Papers on the topic “Bisexuality and Youth”. This is for a special issue of the Journal of Bisexuality, to be edited by Tania Israel, Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara.

This special issue of the Journal of Bisexuality will focus on bisexuality and youth. As young people increasingly adopting the term _bisexual_ to describe their sexual interests and experiences, the topic of bisexuality among youth demands study and attention. The editor, Dr. Tania Israel, invites empirical and conceptual articles that help to elucidate the experiences and phenomenon of bisexual youth. Articles may draw on a variety of scholarly perspectives, including psychology, sociology, history, and other disciplines. Articles written by youth are encouraged. Topics may include, but are not limited to, the following:

_ What does the _bisexual_ identity label mean to youth?
_ How is bisexual identity related to affectional and sexual relations for youth?
_ What is the nature of bisexual youth culture?
_ How do bisexual youth relate to lesbian and gay youth?
_ Is bisexuality different for female and male youth?
_ What are attitudes regarding bisexual youth among heterosexual peers and lesbian/gay peers?
_ What are the experiences of bisexual youth in school settings?
_ How are schools responding to the needs of bisexual youth?
_ What are the stressors and coping strategies of bisexual youth?
_ What are the experiences of bisexual youth in their cultural communities?
_ How does the increase of bisexual youth relate to the increase of transgender youth?
_ How does sexual orientation intersect with other identities and experiences for bisexual youth?
_ How do bisexual youth talk to their families and peers about their sexual orientation?
_ How can current experiences of bisexual youth be understood in a historical context?

Queries should be sent to Dr. Tania Israel at Proposals for articles should be submitted by August 31, 2009. Full drafts of requested articles will be due December 21, 2009. Revised drafts will be due May 21, 2010.

Reaching the bi community

Want to reach those elusive bisexuals? There’s no better way than through the pages of BCN, the best selling bi magazine in the UK. And after a gap of nearly ten years without them, they are again taking adverts.

BCN tell us, “the aim is to take a limited amount of advertising, but it will allow us to increase the size of the magazine”. Recent increases in print cost and postage rates are expected to mean an increase in BCN’s subscription rates in the near future, which advertising revenue may offset.

You can get in touch with them through their contact page.

Academic attacks half-baked "LGBT" research

Times Higher Education reports a speech from the University and College Union LGBT Conference given by Professor Ian Rivers from Brunel University, challenging common practice in LGBT research and service delivery:

Services labelled LGBT often serve “G” and hopefully “L”, occasionally “B” and rarely “T”, he said.

“How can we justify the fact that LGBT sexual health usually means gay men’s health? We accept a need to fund gay men’s health projects, but what about lesbian health, transgender health, bisexual health? In trying to be inclusive have we ‘played’ to the lowest common denominator?”

Many readers will be only too familiar with the ‘lowest common denominator’ approach to lesbian, gay and bisexual work which focuses only on issues of same-sex attraction and relationships rather than reflecting the diversity particularly of bisexual experience. This site and various bi journals have reported time and again on many pieces of research which sought to categorise everyone as either gay or straight, or have included bisexuality in a way that suggests that just before the report was printed a quick search-and-replace operation was done on the draft report. Isn’t it great to hear someone in academia challenging that mindset?

Kensington and Chelsea bis?

Older-LGBTs organisation Polari have contacted BiMedia saying, “We are carrying out a confidential consultation of LGBT residents in Kensington and Chelsea who are either disabled or 50 or over, or both.

“The aim is to help services be more aware of LGBT people and needs. We are keen that any bi people who this relates to get a chance to respond. Go to for a link, or contact us at, or 020 7255 4480, or FREEPOST RRJZ-KURG-LEKL, Polari, 5th Floor, Central House, 14 Upper Woburn Place, London WC1H 0AE.

“Do ask for accessible formats if you need them.”

Bi Research Conference programme published

The programme for the first BiReCon bisexual research conference has been unveiled, with a huge array of speakers and themes represented.

Organisations represented by speakers in the morning include the Equality and Human Rights Group of the Department of Health, Amnesty, Lesbian & Gay Foundation, Stonewall, Polari, Mind, UNISON, NUS and the Metropolitan Police.

There will also be workshops on Mental Health, Tackling BiPhobia, and Awareness Raising, in addition to research presentations and discussions on particular areas of research.

For more information see

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