More Lost Girl

Thursday night is Lost Girl night on SyFy channel, now with the added bonus of knowing that a second series has been commissioned so there’s a lot more of the show to look forward to.

Here at BiMedia we’ve been eagerly catching up on this programme, and with the fourth episode on this evening, and it’s got a good slice of bisexuality.

The writers have been somewhat dipping in the book of bi cliche: our heroine is a succubus who feasts on the sexual energy of whomever she chooses regardless of gender. Most people she has sex with die, just in case we didn’t know that bisexuals – erm, succubi – are dangerous partners to pick.  She gets given a choice of joining either of two camps, the ‘light’ or ‘dark’ supernatural beings, and joins neither, thereafter getting opprobrium from both sides for not making up her mind. And because this is a television bisexual woman, she’s gorgeous and confident. And yes, she has a threesome with a man and a woman.

Still, in a world of gay or straight, a big blunt analogy is often handy, and it’s good fantasy telly.  10pm tonight!

Vanessa and the greedy bis

Vanessa talks bi

Channel 5 daytime chat show Vanessa tomorrow focuses on bisexuality.

The programme, entitled “Are Bisexuals Greedy?” will air tomorrow afternoon at 2:15pm. We can hear regular readers sigh at the question already!

Marcus from Bisexual Index will be on the panel. Our money is on his answer to the question being “no.”

He and fellow panellists soap star Julie Peasgood and writer Paul Burston join Vanessa Feltz for what surely in 2011 does not deserve to be a heated debate – but might turn out to be, just the same.

BiReCon: The Movie… 2!

A number of short films taken from the presentations at August’s BiReCon international academic & research conference on bisexuality are available on YouTube. Speakers include Meg Barker from BiUK, John Sylla from the American Institute of Bisexuality, Jenny Kangasvuo on bisexuality in Finland, Miguel Obradors on Deconstructing Biphobia and much more.

Volunteers have since come forward to add subtitles to, and transcripts of, the BiReCon films. This makes them more accessible to people with hearing difficulties (or no sound on their computer) and to people whose everyday language is not English.

Here are the first few subtitled versions:
* Robyn Ochs: Why we need to ‘get bi’
* Anna Einarsdottir: Civil partnerships
* Miguel Obradors: biphobia

You can also see these films displayed in the random video box to the right of the news stories, here on

Bis on film

We’d like to expand the BiMedia website with the best of videos about being bi – perhaps we should add, strictly “work safe” stuff! It could be personal experience, academic stuff, talks, fun animations or all sorts of other things.

There’s a new page where we are getting started at Bis On Film, but we’d like your suggestions for what else should be in there. It’ll probably have to start getting separated out by themes before long – but we need your help to find the best bi bits of the video web. Comment with your link suggestions!

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