Equal marriage bill published today

"Bi Do!"Today the full text of the Government’s same-sex marriage legislation will be unveiled.

The bill will be debated in full in the Commons in just over a week, before passing to the House of Lords. While there appears to be a majority of MPs in support of the bill, the Lords may be less willing to give it their support, and opponents of equal treatment before the law are still working hard to swing MPs back against the proposals.

It is expected that amendments will be put forward to the bill, around issues such as marriage conducted in places of worship and perhaps seeking to extend the changes further to offer mixed-sex civil partnerships.

If you’ve not already contacted your MP to urge them to support the bill, make it part of your plans for this weekend. Theyworkforyou can give you details of who they are if you enter your postcode, and for most MPs also gives a rough guide to how they have voted on LGBT issues in the past.