Another bi MP?

votebiToday’s Daily Mail claims a Conservative MP has come out as bisexual.  According to the report, “Daniel Kawczynski received a standing ovation when he told 30 activists from Shrewsbury Conservative Association that he had a male partner” – though the reporting alternates between calling him gay and bi and suggests he is not quite certain of how best to label his orientation.

The headline also leaves room for doubt about the quality of the reporting. “Tory makes history as the first MP to come out as bisexual” it declares – yet there have been at least two other MPs who have come out as bi in the last 15 years and one of them remains a Member of Parliament. Labour’s Ron Davies was leading the creation of the devolved Welsh Assembly government when he was outed by the press, while Lib Dem Simon Hughes was running for his party leadership when he was similarly pressed into making a public declaration. Davies stepped down from Parliament but has since had a career in local government having left Labour, while Hughes remains Lib Dem deputy leader.

The constituency of Shrewsbury has previously been notable for its former MP Paul Marsden, who defected between parties twice in one parliament in 2001-2005.

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