Manchester BiFest – Programme unveiled

The programme for this year’s Manchester “BiFest” bisexual festival has been unveiled with two weeks to go before the big day.

BiFest is one-day festival celebrating bisexuality, open to bisexual, bi-friendly and bi-curious people – and it’s coming to Manchester. Taking place on Saturday 10th of December from 1pm onwards at the Thompson’s Arms, it’s an opportunity to meet bisexuals and find out what’s happening in the bisexual community.

Hosted by local bi support group BiPhoria, the daytime programme will include workshop discussions on issues such as coming out as bisexual – whether from identifying as gay or straight beforehand – and staying out despite social pressure to “choose”.

The evening will bring a more social mix, with DJs, bar and performance.

BiPhoria Chair Jen Yockney commented, “We’ve been quite taken aback by the level of interest — it’s set to be a great success!”

“If you’ve never been to a bi event, or even met another bisexual before then this may be the best place to start.”

For more information see the webpage

The event is supported by Operation Fundraiser, the community fundraising project of Manchester’s lesbian, gay, bi and transgender (LGBT) Pride festival.


Notes for editors:

Session Programme outline:

1pm Welcome to BiFest!!

1.30-2.30pm Who Are These Bisexuals Anyway?
“So what is a bisexual?; Introducing the UK bi scene.”

2.45-3.45pm Being Bi: What does it all mean?
“Am I bi? My partner is.. What does this mean for my relationships? In, ‘out’, shake it all about: who should I talk to, and how?”

4-5pm Fancying Folk, and What to do About it
“Fancying someone can be difficult enough at the best of times, but what about when you’ve discover you’re attracted to more than one gender? From time to time, everyone feels like they’re still a nervous teenager, so what can we do about it?”

5.15-6.15pm Pleased to Meet You!!
“For many bi people, getting to know and talk to others in the same boat can be more helpful than hundreds of counselling sessions, and this is why we’ve put on a party for the evening of BiFest. However, this is a chance for you to get chatting before then, and maybe start to make some friends!”

8pm-late Part II – the party
It’s going to be a full and fun evening, with DJs, performance, games and dancing till late. DJs will be playing queer indie sessions; goth and punk; and dancetastic joy.