BiReCon: The Movie… 2!

A number of short films taken from the presentations at August’s BiReCon international academic & research conference on bisexuality are available on YouTube. Speakers include Meg Barker from BiUK, John Sylla from the American Institute of Bisexuality, Jenny Kangasvuo on bisexuality in Finland, Miguel Obradors on Deconstructing Biphobia and much more.

Volunteers have since come forward to add subtitles to, and transcripts of, the BiReCon films. This makes them more accessible to people with hearing difficulties (or no sound on their computer) and to people whose everyday language is not English.

Here are the first few subtitled versions:
* Robyn Ochs: Why we need to ‘get bi’
* Anna Einarsdottir: Civil partnerships
* Miguel Obradors: biphobia

You can also see these films displayed in the random video box to the right of the news stories, here on