Tom Talks Bi – tonight at 8

Bis on the Beeb

“Tom Robinson – Getting Bi” will be on BBC Radio 4 tonight at 8pm.

Tom Robinson was the singer songwriter who became the darling of the gay rights movement with his song ‘Glad To Be Gay’ in the late 1970s, but then they fell out with him when he found a girlfriend in the 80s.

In the 1990s he played the Bi Tent at London Pride when it shifted from “lesbian and gay” to LGBT, and at BiCon Cambridge in 1998. Today he’s probably best known as a late-night Radio 6 DJ and perhaps the closest thing the BBC has to the much-missed John Peel.

His interview for Bi Community News is still stirring reading, identifying some of the people the bi scene doesn’t yet reach.

Be sure to tune in – hopefully we’ll hear the voices of many of the members of Brum Bi Group who were interviewed, and a host of other bi voices besides.