Researching Bisexuality? Top Tips!

bi questionsBiUK and Bi Community News have produced guidance for researchers working on and around bisexuality.

Frequently at BiMedia we get contacts from academics and researchers wanting to find subjects to interview about being bi.  We know other bi projects in the UK do too, and imagine the same goes for bi organisations overseas.

When we get those contacts, we want to offer the best advice we can – but also we always want to know that a researcher has the best interests of the bisexual community at heart, is being balanced and giving back as much as they take from their research subjects.

That opens up a series of questions. Will the researcher be feeding back their information to the community, for example via Journal of Bisexuality or BCN magazine? Where research is for example seeking bisexual, lesbian and gay participants, will the findings separate out bisexual respondents from others to allow exploration of whether there are statistically interesting things about bi experience? And many more.

The 15 points of the new Guidelines for Researching and Writing on Bisexuality are a brilliant resource for those situations and we are delighted they’re out there – not least as it gives us somewhere to signpost enquiries as a first step.

Our thanks to people from research group BiUK and BCN magazine for making them happen!