1st September 1994: Manchester bis unite

After London Bi Group closed, BiPhoria inherited the crown as the longest-running bi group in the UK

Now one of the most high-profile bi groups in Britain, BiPhoria formed thirteen years to the day after the UK’s first bi group had started in London.

In 1994, Manchester already had a well-established pairing of a bi men’s group and a bi women’s group which met on different days in the city’s Sidney Street Lesbian & Gay Centre. Following that summer’s BiCon conference, members of the two groups came together to form a new group unbounded by gender: indeed that had been the original aim when the bi men’s group had formed in the 1980s.

The name is a play on the words “bisexual” and “euphoria”, and its MiXed CapiTals style was common in bi groups of that era. The name originally also specifically included an exclamation mark, which was quietly dropped in the internet age since biphoria!.org.uk wouldn’t have worked as a web address.

As well as the Manchester women’s and men’s bi groups there were similar groups in many other cities at the time – however, in the ensuing decade each of those folded (often to be replaced by new groups later on). So at nearly 18, BiPhoria is now the longest-running bisexual group in the UK to still be meeting.

Beyond its core social & support group role the group has also published the 2003 report on bi needs in the city, and 2011’s Getting Bi In A Gay/Straight World booklet. More here.


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