Dublin City FM talks bi

GTalk show logoDublin City FM’s LGBT show this week turns its focus on biphobia and bisexuality.  

The show has a substantial interview with Ms Gay Limerick winner, Kate Stewart, who talks about being a bisexual woman with a straight boyfriend, in the LGBT community.

Kate observed two sides, “the straight community’s reaction – it’s the same as coming out as gay perhaps” but with a poor grasp of how people are bi rather than somehow alternating their sexuality. “Are you straight now, are you gay now?”.

She added “From the queer community it was slightly different… and when I entered (the Ms Gay Limerick competition), she’s bisexual, why is she allowed in there?“.

“People forget about the B in LGBT”

Kate also talks about social shunning by former lesbian friends, a facebook campaign to remove her title even though the competition’s own rules are inclusive of bi as well as gay women. There is friendly advice for people coming out as bi too.

The show also highlights stigma against bisexuals as innately infidelitous, and Bi Visibility Day on September 23rd.

Listen to the podcast of the show here.