BCN asks what you’re doing this September

Bi-coloured UK map
What’ve you got planned?

Summer’s not yet here but before you know it, it’ll be September 23rd, Bi Visibility Day (sometimes known as International Celebrate Bisexuality Day).

Bi magazine BCN want to help promote this year’s events – but they can’t if you don’t tell them what you’ve got lined up!

And the lead times on print magazines mean they need to know a month beforehand – so get planning now so’s to have the details in place in plenty of time!

Bi Visibility Day has been marked every year since 1999 with at least one event each year in the UK – the last few years have seen outreach stalls, pub and cafe meets, quizzes, academic talks, the launch of a bisexual club night, book readings and more.

You can also share your plans on Facebook on the bivisibility page or check the Bi Visibility Day web hub at