Auntie’s Radio Bi Talk

Ed Lord interviewToday’s Radio 4 PM programme touched on bisexuality for a few minutes following Shrewsbury MP Daniel Kawczynski coming out as bisexual over the weekend. Bisexuality was in the air as it was also a nub of discussion on local radio station BBC London.

BBC London’s “Listed Londoner” of the week was “Glad to be Gay” singer and Radio 6 DJ Tom Robinson, ahead of a one-off gig in Notting Hill tomorrow. “You never had to be black to like Bob Marley!” rebutted Tom when presenter Robert Elms remarked that he would as a teen sing along to “Glad to be Gay” even though he wasn’t gay himself. Tom talked about how he met his wife through them both being involved in gay rights activism, and how bisexual, lesbian and gay equality had moved on so far since the 70s even though so many battles are still being fought.

Over on Radio 4, Kawczynski was described by Eddie Mair as having “reportedly become the first MP to publicly declare they are bisexual” – a claim that went unchallenged by the presenter, even though in discussions with bi activists prior to the show that claim had been debunked.

Interviewee Edward Lord OBE – of the City of London Corporation – spoke of biphobia as “the lack of acknowledgement bisexuals exist, stereotyping us as promiscuous, or a pressure to ‘decide’ to be gay or straight.” And further of losing the odd friend in going from identifying as gay to as bi.
Edward also talked about his personal experience of coming to bi from identifying as a gay man, and how the wider LGBT community has evolved and changed over time in its attitudes to bisexuality.
Of the LGBT strands are bis still the least visible? “Certainly … and it has an impact on the way that bisexuality is perceived but also on bisexual people themselves.  Many bi people’s mental health suffers because of that bisexual invisibility.”

The PM programme can be found on the BBC website here – the interview is around 45 minutes in.