Bisexuals on Downing Street 2

Jen Yockney at 10 Downing StreetUK Prime Minister David Cameron is marking the passing into law of the Same-Sex Marriage Act today with a reception at 10 Downing Street for LGB&T liberation and equality campaigners.

BCN magazine editor Jen Yockney and Meg Barker from BiUK are among the guests – the second time representation from the UK bi movement have been invited to a Number 10 LGBT reception in the five years such things have been held.

Jen told BiMedia, ” I’m glad the Prime Minister is taking time to recognise the work of so many groups and individuals, both those who have advocated marriage law reform for some time and more recent converts to the cause.”

“The invitation arrived a week ago, on the day that the Same-Sex Marriage Act received Royal Assent. After the long process from initial consultation to law I could hardly say no to a celebratory get-together.”

“The Act is a welcome step forward for all that it isn’t perfect, but then, I can’t think of a single piece of LGBT equality legislation that has been.”

“BCN and other bi organisations pressed during the consultation phase for more nonbinary inclusion and for mixed-sex civil partnerships to be incorporated into the Act. ”

“The government has already committed to reviewing the situation for mixed-sex civil partnerships. I hope they will press for suitable changes to the law in both marriage and civil partnership legislation to remove gender from the equation so more people are treated with equal respect.”