PM blanks bis at LGBT reception

Perhaps we need a Bi Party candidate in the PM’s seat of Witney?

At yesterday’s LGBT reception at 10 Downing Street, Prime Minister David Cameron managed to erase bisexuals from the LGBT umbrella throughout his welcome speech.

He began remarking that “I think of young children growing up at school, who might be uncertain about their sexuality, knowing that now, in the highest place in the land – in Parliament – we’ve passed this law that says that marriage is for you, whether you’re gay or whether you’re straight.”

Gay, straight, or confused? Haven’t we got past that yet?

Later in his speech he said, “It is something to celebrate that Britain is now – and it’s official – the best place to be gay, lesbian or transgender anywhere in Europe.”

So… forgetting the B in LGBT, or admitting a failure to deliver for bisexual people?

Over 150 people attended the reception, to celebrate the passage into law of the Same-Sex Marriage Act for England and Wales, including cabinet ministers, campaign groups, organisers of Pride events from across the country, businesses, charities, MPs and representatives of different faith groups. Two people were invited on behalf of bisexual community projects: Jen Yockney, editor of Bi Community News and chair of BiPhoria, the UK’s longest running bi social & support group, and Meg Barker, of research & academia group BiUK.