Bi Visibility Day: a month to go!

239-280pxWith a month to September 23rd, this year’s Bi Visibility Day plans are shaping up across the country and around the world.

Marked since 1999, the day combines celebrations of bisexuality and the work of the bi movement with outreach and awarenesss raising.

Here in the UK we already know there will be events in Manchester, Derby, London, Brighton, Edinburgh and Swansea. It looks likely that Winchester, Sheffield and Bristol will have things going on to mark the date too.

Last year Brighton council flew the bi flag for a week – as Bi Visibility Day grows in profile it’s likely that more buildings will be flying the pink, purple and blue as organisations mark the date.

Overseas there are events lining up in Boston, Chicago, St Paul and Baltimore in the USA and in Dublin in Ireland – we’re sure there will be more cities and more countries joining that list soon.  Last year bis in Denmark, Germany, France and Australia also marked the date.

You can find out what’s going on on the Bi Visibility Day website,