Manchester trumpets #endthebiban

#endthebiban at Manchester Pride todayIt’s Manchester Pride weekend and local bi group BiPhoria have a stall running across the Bank Holiday weekend.  They’re highlighting Google’s decision to block ‘bisexual’ from its predictive search under the slogan “Dear Google, End The Bi Ban!”

When users type words like ‘gay’ or ‘lesbian’ into the Google search page, it suggests what they might be looking for – gay dating, gay pride, gay marriage, gay support… but for ‘bisexual’, it offers no suggestions.

That makes it that bit harder for bis seeking advice and support to find what they’re looking for online – and to find out about groups like BiPhoria.

“Around 200 people signed up to support the campaign at our stall today” says BiPhoria boss Jen Yockney, “and we are running the stall for another two days – I hope we can garner a lot more support as well as raising awareness of this bizarre search blocking by Google.”

Pride stall
Bi Stall at Manchester Pride today

“Lots of people are finding out about BiPhoria in the process too – it’s just as well they can find out about bi social and support groups face-to-face this way given  Google tries to stop them!”

You can sign the petition calling on Google to stop its predictive search blocking ‘bisexual’ here.