Bi students less likely to be ‘out’

NUS LGBT Report 2014A new report by the National Union of Students reports on life for bisexual, transgender, lesbian and gay students today.

While it is often ‘lumpy’ in its treatment of data – combining bisexual, lesbian and gay experience into one – the report does have some findings on bi experience. For example:

“Only 40 per cent of bisexual respondents are out to their family, compared to 72.5 per cent of gay and 77 per cent of lesbian respondents; 82 per cent are out to their friends, compared to 96 per cent of gay and lesbian respondents; and slightly more than one in 10 bisexual students are out to academic staff, compared to 40 per cent of gay and a third of lesbian respondents.”

This ties in with other research over the last few years which has shown bi workers are less likely to feel they can be open about their orientation in the workplace than gay and lesbian staff.

Bi students are also more likely to have considered dropping out of university courses than gay or straight students, and are to feel less able to speak up during classes or to be welcomed as a participant in group activities than their lesbian or gay peers.

However the report’s recommendations are disappointing, urging action by universities and student unions only on homophobia and transphobia.

You can read it in full here.